Patrick Conheady Real Estate is an experienced and serious operator in the property industry.

Over the period of the last 10 years we have been servicing the Wyndham residential property market.  We also successfully participated in the land boom around outer Melbourne in the ‘mid twenty-teens’.  With the withdrawal of overseas buyers for residential development land there is an opportunity for us to concentrate on building a new modern residential based operation in the Wyndham area; the emphasis will be on adopting the very latest innovations and IT developments to deliver a successful, efficient, low cost property agency delivering the highest service levels to both sellers and buyers.

We understand that consumers are now far more informed on the processes of buying and selling residential real estate.  Our clients are demanding greater transparency in all aspects of a property transaction.  We believe this challenges the traditional function  of real estate agencies; whilst our clients want higher service levels delivered via the latest technologies, these same clients  desire simpler processes offering more relevant information in a culture of greater transparency with less ‘froth and bubble’ and feel-good fake messaging.

Our real estate business has no grand street frontage offering photos of properties already sold that no one stops to look at.  Our business will operate primarily in the ecommerce environment offering large amounts of free information on the latest industry trends and local developments effecting our client’s real estate experience.  This will result in our agency being more accountable to you, more efficient for you and expect less in fees from you.

Patrick Conheady